convicted driver car insurance

Once you're considered a convicted driver you'll need a special type of insurance so you can drive legally. This is what's known as car insurance for convicted drivers. As you shop around for a policy there are some things you'll need to know.

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Who Needs Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers

When a car insurance company calculates your premium they look at any and all of your driving convictions -- from a simple speeding ticket to a major DUI conviction. These result in an increase in your premium, especially if you've received endorsements from them. The more you receive, the bigger of a risk insurance companies feel you are as a driver.

Even if you've never had any issues with your driving, you'll still need this special type of insurance if you're a convicted criminal of any type. A minor offence is enough for an insurance company not to cover you. This is because statistics prove you're much more likely to get into an accident and file a claim.

Why This Insurance Exists

Agents specialise in making sure you have the insurance you need by providing convicted driver car insurance. This is important because in June 2011 the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) rules took effect. These state that you must insure all vehicles. Even if you're not driving your vehicle, if you don't have a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) as well as proper registration with the DVLA, you must have insurance. Failure to do so carries a fine of up to £1,000.

Simply not driving a vehicle isn't enough for you not to have insurance. Additionally, understanding that you must declare any unspent convictions when getting car insurance is important. Here's how you'll know if they're spent:

1) Fines and community service become spent after 5 years

2) Prison sentences of 6 months or less become spent after 7 years

3) Prison sentences of between 6 months and two and a half years become spent after 10 years

4) Any prison sentence longer than two years is never spent

This means you must have convict specific drivers insurance for these lengths of time. Although it's tempting not to disclose your convictions, you don't want to do this. It can invalidate your policy immediately so the insurance can refuse any claims you make. So, regardless of anything else you have going on, always remember car insurance is compulsory.

Saving Money on Your Policy

Understanding how important having the right coverage doesn't mean you can't save money. Some ways in which you can save money here include:

1) Raise your excess. This is the part you must pay yourself. Don't make it so high you can't afford it.

2) Drive less. This lowers your premium.

3) Secure your car in a garage and with an alarm and immobiliser.

4) Consider a telematics or black box policy. Your insurance installs a black box recording device that records how you drive and mileage drove. They use this to find a fairer premium for you.

Knowing as much as possible about car insurance for convicted drivers before shopping around for a policy is important. By knowing what this insurance is you'll better understand what you're looking for. This enables you to not only find the policy you need but also one you can afford.